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European dialogue platform on ethical and solidarity-based initiatives for combating poverty and social exclusion
Examples of good practice of dialogue between public authorities and citizens initiatives in the economy (good practice sheets)
The good practice sheets illustrating dialogue and partnerships between local, regional and national authorities and citizens’ initiatives show how such dialogue can increase the impact and visibility of such initiatives and offer a certain legitimacy whilst being included in the objectives of public policies, particularly social, environmental and global solidarity policies. Furthermore, these partnerships often show the way to new forms of democracy and concertation.

Some of the good practice sheets have been published in May 2005 by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the French review « Alternatives Economiques » (“Les initiatives citoyennes en Europe”, Alternatives Economiques Pratique). They have also been published in Italian with the review “Altreconomia”.

As they are finalised, the good practice sheets will be posted on this website under three headings which correspond to the approaches of the platform for dialogue on ethical and solidarity-based initiatives.

In addition to the good practice sheets also an analysis of the different types of dialogue and partnerships and their added-value based on the sheets published in “Alternatives Economiques” will be available on this site.

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