Human Rights

4 Social Security

Guide to the concept of suitable employment in the context of unemployment benefit (2010)

Social security - Protection at the international level and developments in Europe (2009)

4 Access to Social Rights

Housing policy and vulnerable social groups

4 Integration of People with Disabilities

Achieving full participation through Universal Design (2009)

4 Children's Rights and Family Policies

Parenting in contemporary Europe: a positive approach (2007)

4 Health Policy

Guide to the preparation, use and quality assurance of blood components - 13th edition (2007)

4 Bioethics

Biomedicine and human rights - The Oviedo Convention and its additional protocols (2010)

Bioethical Issues - Educational Fact Sheets (PDF) (2009)


Economic migration, social cohesion and development: towards an integrated approach (2009)

Access to justice for migrants and asylum seekers in Europe (2009) (anglais uniquement)

4 Roma and Travellers

National minorities: Breath of diversity, breath of Europe (2009)


4 Social Cohesion Development

Institutional accommodation and the citizen: legal and political interaction in a pluralist society (Trends in social cohesion n21) (2010)

Well-being for all - Concepts and tools for social cohesion (Trends in social cohesion n20) (2009)

4 European dialogue platform on ethical and solidarity-based initiatives

Rethinking consumer behaviour for the well-being of all - Reflections on individual consumer responsibility (2009)

Partial Agreements

4 Drug Abuse and Trafficking

Signals from drug research (2010)

4 Development Bank

Corporate Social Responsibility Report