Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs

Calendar 2017
This calendar is regularly updated.
24-25, Lisbon Preparatory meeting of the 2017 Training
31, Paris Preparatory meeting of 32nd Airports meeting
1, Paris Preparatory meeting of the 10th meeting  visit
1, Paris 2nd WG on Human Rights & Drug Policy
2, Paris 1st Meeting of the PC Bureau
7, Paris 7th MedSPAD Committee Meeting
8, Algiers Women and Drugs
21-22, Tbilisi Alternatives to Punishment and Drug Treatment in prisons
28-30, Haifa 1st Module of the Executive Training (Study visit)

11-12, Algiers Seminar on TSO Centres staff support
20-21, Podgorica 3rd Annual CGSEEA Meeting
26-28, Madrid General Aviation
9, Paris 21st MedNET Committee Meeting
10, Paris 4th and Final meeting of the working Group
17-18, Dubrovnik 3rd Meeting on Internet-Based drug demand reduction interventions
22-23, Strasbourg 80th Meeting of the Permanent correspondents
23-25, Algiers Workshop on prevention tools
30-2.02, Alicante 2nd Module of the 2017 Executive Training
6-8, Strasbourg 32nd Airports annual meeting of the Airports Group
16, Tunis International day against drugs : Women, violence and addictions in Tunisia
26-27, Rome Seminar on “Women and Drugs: from policy to good practice”
27, Rome Working group on “Violence, women and rape drugs”
11-15, Nicosia Study visit Egyptian delegation on ‘European Drug Quality Standards
20, Algiers MedSPAD - Result of the Algerian survey
23, Tunis Workshop on’Addiction and Political Choices
1-4, Kiev Workshop Emergency & Intermediate interventions
10, Paris 2nd Meeting of the PC Bureau
11, Paris Preparatory meeting with Gender donors
13, Tbilisi Towards societal consensus on alternatives to punishment in Georgia
23, Lisbon  8th MedSPAD Committee Meeting
23-26, Kiev  Workshop Direct care, diagnosis & comorbidities
24-26, Lisbon 2nd International Conference on addictions
30.10-1.11, Athens 12th Meeting of the EXASS Net Network
8-9, Tessaloniki South East Europe IT-Project
16, Rome 22nd Plenary MedNET
20-21, Pisa 2017 Annual ESPAD Meeting
21-22, Strasbourg 81st Meeting of the Permanent Correspondents
22-24, Strasbourg 10th Chemical Precursors annual meeting
28-29, Chisinau International Conference ”Rehabilitation Criminal justice responses to Drug Use
3-4, Tunis 2nd National Addictology Congress
17-21, Kiev Working with IDPs – Focused interventions & real cases