Health Policy

Health Policy

Good Governance in Health care


The Council of Europe is the most relevant organisation to address concerns of governance as a whole, namely including democratic stewardship and accountability towards citizens.

To help member states to promote value-based governance in health care, based on human rights, equity, transparency, accountability and participation, a Committee of Experts began work in September 2007 to identify and apply standards for patient-oriented care and in guaranteeing equity in access to health care.

The Expert Committee on implementation of good governance principles in health care (SP-GHC) follows on from the work of the Committee of Experts on Good Governance in Health care (SP-GHC), building on the Recommendation adopted in March 2010. The new expert committee will assist member states in implementing a "health & human rights for all" approach, taking account of minorities and vulnerable groups.

This committee will therefore deal with the long-neglected issue of ethical governance and stewardship in health policy development. The field of individual doctor–patient relations are well studied (medical deontology, bioethics, codes of health professionals), but the collective aspects of consequences of strategic health policy decisions are not.
4th Meeting of the Expert Committee on the implementation of good governance principles in health care (SP-IGG)
26-27 May 2011, Strasbourg