Germany, Switzerland and Austria join
to fight cross-boarder child abuse

01.04.2011 - The ministries and ECPAT representatives in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are running a "Tri-national campaign against sexual exploitation of children in Tourism".

The aim of the campaign is to promote awareness of child sex tourism across the three countries and to reinforce the existing networks that protect minors.

It aims to get responsible travellers and employees of the tourism industry on board. To achieve this, campaign material will be promoted throughout the whole tourism chain: travel agents, means of transport, hotels and resorts.

The main awareness raising tool is a widely distributed video, entitled "Kleine Seelen" ("Little Souls") aimed at travellers. The call to action is: "We can prevent sexual abuse, if we don't look away". Those who watch it are encouraged to report suspected cases of child abuse through country-specific websites.

Initially intended for reporting child pornography, the websites were extended to reporting on child sexual exploitation in tourism. The Swiss online registration form on, recognised by experts as an example of "best practice", was used as the basis for the other websites.

For more information, please visit: (report form and video spot download)