Thumbs up for STOP it NOW! Helpline initiative

09.09.2011 - Stop it Now! UK and Ireland is campaigning against child sexual abuse. There is a confidential freephone service helpline for abusers and potential abusers, friends and family members, or for adults worried about the behaviour of another adult towards children, or for adults worried about the behaviour of a child or young person.

Most of their work is based on prevention, on providing information, training sessions and encouraging communication. Their target groups are parents, families and friends of abusers, adults who have abused or think themselves capable of abusing a child.

A network of local projects has been developed across the UK and Ireland, based on partnerships between the local community and the agencies that work to protect children. Work is also carried out at political level: with politicians and policy makers at national level.

So far, the impact of this campaign has been impressive. Thousands of leaflets have been requested and distributed. The number of people contacting the freeline has increase daily.

A new element compared to other campaigns running elsewhere has been added: the belief that sexual abusers are treatable. Research indicates that those who have completed an accredited treatment programme are significantly less likely to reoffend.

To find out more information please consult their webpage: