One in Five

Preparation of the launch of the ONE in FIVE Campaign in Montenegro

14.03.2012 - On 10 February 2012 Prime Minister Igor Lukšić held a working meeting in Podgorica (Montenegro) to define Montenegro’s steps to get involved actively in the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE Campaign to stop sexual violence against children.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Parliament of Montenegro, including all MPs from the delegation of Montenegro to the PACE, representatives of the Government of Montenegro, the Director of Police Administration, the representative of the Union of Municipalities and Mayor of the Old Capital of Cetinje, the Deputy Ombudsman in charge of children’s rights, the representative of the NGO – Centre for Children’s rights.

The introductory remarks of the Prime Minister were followed by seven presentations on the prevention and the protection of children against sexual violence. Ms Valentina Radulovic-Šcepanovic, Chairperson of the Delegation of Montenegro to the PACE and contact parliamentarian for the ONE in FIVE Campaign made the first presentation on the campaign.

The meeting saw the agreement to set up the national team that will draft the campaign programme. On 2 March 2012 the team for preparing Montenegro’s participation in the campaign held a meeting in Podgorica, under the coordination of Ms Valentina Radulovic-Šcepanovic, and decided to assign to all participants concrete tasks with precise deadlines. Montenegro is set to reach clear results and present them to the public by the end of 2012.

The team includes stakeholders at all levels: MPs who are also members of the Delegation of Montenegro to the PACE, representatives of the following ministries: for human and minority rights, health, information society, foreign affairs and European integration, justice, labour and social welfare, sustainable development and tourism, interior, education and sports; Prime Minister’s office; Union of Municipalities of Montenegro; High Public Prosecutor’s Office; office of the Ombudsman; Supreme Court; Police Authority; Public Relations Bureau; UNICEF. The team is open for cooperation with the NGO sector.