INTERPOL meeting targeted at identifying
child sexual abusers and saving victims

12.06.2012 - The INTERPOL specialist group on crimes against children met at the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, on 4-7 June.

This meeting brought together 146 experts from 45 countries, non-governmental organisations and the private sector, and it enabled the direct exchange of information to identify potential links in investigations around the world and the sharing of good practices.

Exchanges of information and good practice at previous meetings and through the INTERPOL network have already led to the identification of a number of child sexual offenders around the world. One of the recent successes include Operation Laminar, that ended in May 2012, and targeted 55 main suspects in 20 countries who were using social networking groups to exchange child abuse material.

For more information, please read INTERPOLís press release