Un-stoppable Greece,
2nd Event launching the campaign

18.11.2011 – Mr Michalis Katrinis, member of the PACE Sub-Committee on children and the contact parliamentarian Network, participated as keynote speaker in the second open event organized in order to raise awareness, inform the public, co-ordinate the competent authorities in preventing, combating and eliminating sexual violence against children and to define a national strategy on the subject which took place on Monday 14 November in Thessaloniki.

Mr. Katrinis referred to the initiatives taken by the country and, in particular, said: “Our efforts in Greece in the last few months aim to deal with this sensitive social issue as a whole. Each body – and each person – can contribute to this effort in their own way. I call upon you to continue with the same determination in the fight against this deplorable phenomenon in an effort to offer our children a safe and trustworthy environment”.

The event was attended by representatives of the regional and local administration, local bodies, school representatives, representatives of student movements and many citizens.