First Meeting of the National Committee for the promotion of the ONE in FIVE Campaign in Cyprus

12.01.2012 - The ONE in FIVE Campaign initiated in Cyprus by Hope for Children, acting as official Council of Europe campaign partner, is currently also being implemented at ministerial level, since the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance has recently established the National Committee for the promotion of the campaign. Chaired by the Minister of Labour, Mrs Sotiroulla Charalambous, Committee members held their first meeting last Monday; other participants included Hope for Children and the media.

The Minister described the role of the Committee and the goals of the Campaign to participants. She stressed that the Campaign action plan includes actions such as the training of parents and educators that will be implemented by all stakeholders involved. Activities will also include the participation of children.

Minister Charalambous also updated Committee members about progress made towards ratification of the Lanzarote Convention; she indicated that an official meeting involving governmental departments and services will take place in February in order to identify the next steps to take in order to ratify the Convention as soon as possible.

Having already implemented various awareness-raising activities and actions, Hope for Children informed the Committee that as all Campaign material has been translated into Greek, action would now be taken to disseminate the material.

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