One in Five

Incest Trauma Centar - Belgrade celebrates ONE in FIVE campaigning in Serbia

07.05.2013 The Incest Trauma Centar - Belgrade celebrated its first anniversary of ONE in FIVE campaigning in Serbia over two days in February with an expert discussion with Deputies of the Serbian National Assembly concerning the abolition of the statute of limitation for sexual offences against children. School children and young people were rewarded for their excellent performances dedicated to the process of campaigning in a separate event which can be viewed here:

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For more information, please click on the following link: Incest Trauma Centar – Belgrade, or read the news item by the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade: “1st Anniversary of the ONE in FIVE Campaign in Serbia” here.

Besides the campaign currently running in Serbia, there are another 15 national campaigns being organised to raise awareness on sexual violence against children in European countries.