One in Five

Kiko's Friends

Welcome to Kiko's friends page

Kiko has a number of very special friends including members of Royal Families, Heads of State and Government, Ministers, Speakers of Parliament, heads of international organisations, famous writers, singers, sport champions, actors and actresses, film directors, journalists, etc. These friends are special because they can reach millions of other friends. You are also welcome to invite one of those special friends to join Kiko!

By becoming a friend of Kiko, you are supporting Kiko's efforts to protect more and more children from sexual abuse worldwide. You can do that also by using your social network and introducing Kiko to your friends, colleagues or to professionals around you (such as teachers, doctors, trainers, journalists, editors, etc).

Kiko is part of the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE campaign to eliminate sexual violence against children. Kiko is a very special character who is helping the Council of Europe to prevent and eliminate sexual violence against children.

Kiko's adventures started with a short animated TV spot and a book for children called "Kiko and the Hand". Kiko is helping parents and carers in many countries to prevent and identify sexual abuse of children. Thanks to the spot, the book and a simple guide for parents and carers, adults can help children to set boundaries, to differentiate "good secrets" and "bad secrets", "good touches" and "bad touches" and to talk to an adult they trust when they feel uncomfortable, they are scared, worried or confused about a person or situation. Children love Kiko and they understand what it says. Adults very much welcome Kiko's advice.