Raise awareness amongst Congress members
and local and regional authorities on the Campaign's aims

  • debate organised during the 21st Congress session within the frame of the overall theme of “living in dignity”;

  • seminar organised on 9 February 2012 following a meeting of the Current Affairs Committee (which is responsible for the ONE in FIVE Campaign within the Congress);

  • dedicated web page set up on the Congress site and linked to the Campaign site with news, information about best practices, interviews, etc;

  • invite local and regional authorities and national associations of local authorities to provide a link on their sites to this page;

  • produce a small leaflet introducing the local/regional dimension of the Campaign;

  • devote part of the IVth general meeting (2012) of the national associations of local and regional authorities of Council of Europe member states to the Campaign;

  • invite local and regional authorities to create “one stop” web pages, for children, on their internet sites which provide clear, concise, child-friendly information on what sexual violence is, what to do and where to go if a victim;

  • encourage local and regional authorities to join the national campaign teams in their respective Council of Europe member states;

  • explore the possibility of setting up a network of contacts for example of Congress members or of associations of local authorities, to promote the Campaign, distribute materials, further exchanges of good practices and the setting up of multi-agency structures.