One in Five


The Council of Europe invites
  • governments, parliaments of its member states and interested non-member states
  • local and regional authorities
  • international and national non-governmental organisations
  • civil society and individuals
  • the media, public and private organisations
to be campaign partners in stopping sexual violence against children.

Together we will work for the changes needed to have more efficiently implemented laws, policies and programmes and to ensure that all children benefit from vastly improved measures to protect them from sexual violence.

So far, the governments of Finland and Monaco have contributed financially to the production of the campaign material.

The Council of Europe programme “Building a Europe for and with children” will work closely with its network of national focal points on children’s rights which have been encouraged to set up national campaign teams.

The teams can consist of: national and local decision makers; education, health and child protection professionals; NGOs and other civil society organisations; and parent, child and youth associations in the communities.

If your country does not have a national campaign team, you or your organisation can become a Council of Europe partner by organising a meeting with key actors to set one up. This team will be in the best position to identify the targets for combating sexual violence against children in your country.

Is your country already involved in the campaign? Find out here.

Has your country signed and ratified the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse? Find out here.