One in Five

6th meeting of contact parliamentarians: the necessity of a strong political commitment

24.01.12 - The 6th meeting of the network of contact parliamentarians to stop sexual violence against children has taken place at the Council of Europe. During the meeting, the parliamentarians involved in the campaign have seized the opportunity to renew their undertaking in fighting sexual violence against children.

Mr Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, said, inter alia, “in fighting against sexual violence against children, preventive measures and investments in the training of educational staff, health professionals and social workers are essential, so that the signs of abuse are noticed as soon as possible”. Moreover he stated that impunity is inconceivable and Member States legislation should be strengthened. Thus the importance of the parliamentary dimension of the campaign is evidenced by the political nature of the fight that the Council of Europe must take to overcome this problem.

Mr Eric Ruelle, Judge and Chairperson of the Committee of the Parties of Lanzarote Convention, illustrated to the parliamentarians as the definition of “gooming” represents the real innovation of Lanzarote Convention. Reminding the major role of the monitoring mechanism provided by the Convention, such as the importance of the collection, analysis and exchange of information, experience and best practices among states, he suggested one of the most powerful way of promotion and protection of children's rights.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Ms Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, presented all the results and prospects of the Council of Europe Campaign ONE on FIVE taking note of an increasing political commitment since the beginning of the Campaign.

Finally, Mr Jean-Claude Frécon, Chairperson of Chamber of Local Authorities of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities presented the actions taken by Congress in the framework of the ONE in FIVE Campaign.