One in Five

Civil society and individuals


International and national non-governmental organisations (INGOs/NGOs) promoting childrenís rights are vital to the campaign because they maintain close ties with parents and children. Furthermore, it is civil society that is in the best position to make sure that children are heard, protected and respected in the community.

The Council of Europe will collaborate with NGOs, INGOs and civil society networks in sharing information, policy and legal advice, good practice in child protection, and tools for the eradication of sexual violence against children.

NGOs are encouraged to promote knowledge sharing on all issues related to childrenís rights, sexual violence against children and child protection by:
  • disseminating awareness-raising material
  • organising seminars and training workshops to build the capacity of:
    • local and national authorities
    • decision makers and civil servants
    • professionals in contact with children
    • parents and children.

Civil society organisations and groups are also encouraged to:

  • participate in planning, implementing and monitoring the national campaigns
  • ensure that children are heard and taken seriously in efforts to eradicate sexual violence against them
  • share the results of their work
  • provide feedback on progress achieved at national and local level

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