Quarterly Agenda
Human Rights

4 Social Security

Training Course on standard-setting instruments in the social security field
26-28 October 2010, Fribourg, Switzerland,

4 Access to Social Rights

Conference on "promoting social mobility as a contribution to social cohesion"
8 December 2010, Leeds, United Kingdom

4 Integration of People with Disabilities

Conference “Toward community living: current realities – future challenges. Building bridges in knowledge and practice to improve social conditions of persons with disabilities”,
7-9 October 2010, Skopje, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”,

European Conference on Rehabilitation, “The United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Rehabilitation in Europe – effects on individuals and rehabilitation management”
9-10 November 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mid-term Review Conference of the Council of Europe Disability Action Plan 2006-2015, “Achievements and Challenges – taking stock and showing the way forward”
9-10 December 2010, Istanbul, Turkey,

4 Building a Europe for and with children

Council of Europe campaign to stop sexual violence against children – High level launching event
29-30 November, Roma, Italia

4 Bioethics

Symposium on decision-making process regarding medical treatment in end of life situations

30/11 & 01/12 2010, Strasbourg, Palais de l'Europe, Room 1


Unaccompanied Children-"What protection at European Level"
20 October 2010, Strasbourg, Palais de l'Europe, Room 1

4 Roma and Travellers

Integration of Roma populations and foreign residents at local level: which commitment of cities in Europe? Exchange of experiences best practices
15 October 2010, Strasbourg, Palais de l'Europe

Symposium 40 years of Actions for Roma and Travellers in the Council of Europe
18 October 2010, Wroclaw, Poland

High Level Meeting on Roma and Travellers
20 October 2010, Strasbourg

Launch of the Dosta! campaign in Paris and Round table on the situation and challenges concerning Roma and Travellers, Maison de l'Europe, with Minister Lellouche
5 November 2010, Paris

4 Regional Cooperation on Social Security (South East Europe)

3rd Ministerial Conference on "Social Security Co-ordination and Social Security Reforms in South-East Europe"
12 October 2010, Splendid Hotel, Budva, Montenegro


4 Social Cohesion Development

"Promoting social cohesion at the European level: concepts and indicators at the service of action"
14-15 Octobre 2010, Charleroi, Belgium

Sustainable social cohesion in a context of crisis: securing shared social responsibilities
28/02/2011 - 01/03/2011, Brussels, Belgium

Partial Agreements

4 Drug Abuse and Trafficking

Conference on prevention of precursors
Strasbourg, 29 Sept. -1 Oct. 2010

15th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group
, Strasbourg 3-4 November 2010

4 Quality of Medecines

International conference: Quality of medicines in a globalised world: Dreams and reality, 14-15 October 2010, Prague, Czech Republic

CombiStats Training Session,

28-29 October 2010,

Potency Testing of Vaccines: The Way from in vivo to in vitro,
1-3 December 2010, PEI Institute Langen, Germany

Exhibition, CPhI India
1-3 December 2010, Mumbai, India,

7th Edition European Pharmacopoeia Training Session,
9-10 December 2010, Istanbul, Turkey