Regional seminar on Support and protection for victims of domestic violence: Services needed
(Espoo, Finland, 8-9 October 2007)

Regional Seminar on Protection and specialised support by the police, health care professionals and social workers for victims of domestic violence
(Skopje, 11-12 September 2007)

Conference of National Focal Points and Joint Meeting of National Focal Points and Contact Parliamentarians
(Strasbourg, France, 4-5 June 2007)

Regional Seminar on Men’s Active Participation in Combating Domestic Violence
(Zagreb, 9-10 May 2007)

Regional Seminar on Legal Measures to Combat Violence against Women,
including Domestic Violence (The Hague, 21-22 February 2007)

Launching conference (Madrid, 27 November 2006)

First meeting of the Task Force (Strasbourg, 21-23 February 2006)