Project against economic crime in the Republic of Serbia(PACO-Serbia)

PACO-Serbia project is to fight economic crime, money laundering and terrorist financing as well as cybercrime in the Republic of Serbia, and its implemented by the Council of Europe.


It was launched in December 2005 and will last at least 24 months. The project is jointly funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction and Council of Europe

It will support the authorities of Serbia in a comprehensive review on national legislation against economic crime to ensure its compatibility with existing international standards and to remove inconsistencies:

  • efforts to ensure that best practices in the legislation of criminal justice and law enforcement systems are more widely known among law-makers and that law enforcement, judges and prosecutors benefit from training;
  • strengthening anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing system through training, improvement of legislation and development of IT department in the FIU;
  • enhancing capacity to fight cybercrime through provision of training and assistance in complying with international standards.

The project will also support the Republic of Serbia in the ratification and implementation into national law of European Treaties (in particular the Convention on money laundering and terrorist financing and Convention on Cybercrime) to which it is not yet party.

Start-up conference, 22 March 2006 Press release


Study visit for Serbian officials to the Belgium Financial Intelligence Processing Unit

Brussels, 28 January 1 February 2008

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Regional Conference on Cybercrime, 19-21 March 2007, Belgrade, Serbia

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