MOLI-RU 2: Project against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in the Russian Federation

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Based on the success of the MOLI-RU Project Against Money Laundering implemented by the Council of Europe between February 2003 and June 2005 (2.5 million Euro) and the Policy Advice Project on Improving legislation and practices on dealing with money laundering and financing of terrorism (0.25 million Euro) the 3.15 million Euro Follow-up Project Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing contract was signed on 19 December 2006 to address the outstanding issues in the AML/CTF system of the Russian Federation and help the country keep the momentum in developing that system.

The project implementation started on 1 January 2007.


3rd Steering Group Meeting of MOLI Russia 2

On 10 November the 3rd Steering Group meeting will take place in Moscow. The purpose of the meeting is to assess the project’s achievements, to revise the work plan for the period of January-June 2009 in order to adapt it to the current needs and priorities of the beneficiary as well as with regard to the results of the MONEYVAL/FATF/EAG mutual evaluation report of the Russian Federation.

The Federal Financial Monitoring Service of Russia to visit the Czech FIU

From 11 to 14 November 2008 the Project is organising a study visit for 13 supervisors and analysts from the Russian Federal Financial Monitoring Service to the Czech FIU. The study visit will focus on supervision over gambling industry in view of the upcoming reform in that sector in Russia. The participants are to discuss the issues related to reporting and inspection of companies in the industry. The program also includes visits to several reporting institutions in the gambling sector.

Combating the Financing of Terrorism

The seminar on countering terrorist financing organised by Basel Institute of Governance will take place in Davos, Switzerland on 1-3 October 2008. The main topics on the agenda are the intelligence gathering, the cooperation between law enforcement bodies and private sector, and the use of modern technology. The Project provides for participation of the representatives of Rosfinmonitoring and General Prosecutor’s office.

 Link to the Agenda (english) and (russian)

Series of seminars for interregional offices

The MOLI-RU2 project is launching a series of seminars for the interregional offices of Rosfinmonitoring, law enforcement bodies and private sector. These seminars are to be held in each Federal District of Russia. There will be organised two consecutive seminars each time: the first is aimed at enhancing cooperation between FIU and LEA, the second is to cover the issues of financial sector regulation practices. The first seminar will be held on 21-22 October in Suzdal for the Central federal district.

Joint meeting of the Legal Working Group and the AML Inter-Agency commission

On 4 and 5 September 2008, a joint meeting of the Legal Working Group and the Inter-Agency Commission on money laundering and terrorist financing and its advisory board took place in St Petersburg. The participants of the event discussed the priority issues for the project’s beneficiary as defined by them with a focus on the best international practice as well as the general findings of FATF Mutual Evaluation Report of Russia.

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