Cybercrime: Reports and presentations

These technical reports and presentations have been prepared under the Project on Cybercrime. They do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.







Council of Europe/Economic Crime Division

Guidelines for the cooperation between law enforcement and internet service providers in the investigation of cybercrime (adopted in April 2008)

April 2008

Council of Europe/Economic Crime Division

Project on Cybercrime: Progress report

(status as at 31 July 2008)

August 2008

Callanan, Cormac / Gercke, Marco

Cooperation between law enforcement and internet service providers against cybercrime: towards common guidelines

June 2008

Gercke, Marco

Internet related identity theft

November 2007

Ifrah, Laurence

Cybercrime: current threats and trends

March 2008

Picotti, Lorenzo / Salvadori, Ivan

National legislation implementing the Convention on Cybercrime: comparative analysis and good practices

August 2008

Seger, Alexander


Identity theft and the Convention on Cybercrime December 2007
Van den Hoven van Genderen, Rob


Cybercrime investigations and the protection of personal data and privacy March 2008
Verdelho, Pedro

The effectiveness of international cooperation against cybercrime: examples of good practice

March 2008


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