24/7 Points of contact

24/7 contactsAn important provision of the Convention on Cybercrime is Article 35, that is, the creation of points of contact available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to facilitate international cooperation. Parties to the Convention are thus to establish such 24/7 contact points. This Article is very much based on the experience of the G8 which established a network of such contact points already in 1997 and which currently comprises some 48 members. A number of these are States are Party to the Convention. 

24/7 Points of Contact Extracts from the Convention on Cybercrime

G8 Communique 1997

Recommendations for tracing network communications

Best practices for network security

Best practicies for law enforcement interaction with victim-companies

G8 principles for protecting critical information infrastructure

G8 principles on the availability of public data essential to protecting public safety

G8 principles on transborder access to stored computer data

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