Octopus Interface 2007

Octopus Interface 2007 - Presentations

Eduardo Azeredo: Cybercrime legislation in Brazil
Ian Brown: INHOPE
Peter Cassidy: Anti-phishing Working Group
Ehab Elsonbaty: Cybercrime under Egyptian legislation
Nicola di Leone: Cyber threats – the Europol perspective
Wout de Natris: London Action Plan
Pavan Duggal: Cybercrime legislation – the Indian perspective
Mathea Fammels: ENISA
Marco Gercke: Internet Service Providers
Marco Gercke: Public Private Partnerships
Kevin Houle: CERT FIRST
Julie Inman: A perspective on the implementation of the Convention’s computer security offences in the Asia Pacific region
Cho Jinhyun: APEC TEL
Bakhtiyar N. Mammadov: The legal framework in Azerbaijan
Meryem Marzouki: European Digital Rights
Chenegtai Masango: Internet Governance Forum
Hasan Oker: Activities of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference
Nelly Rihan: UNDP POGAR
Vojislav Rodic: PPP in Serbia
Carlo Sarzana di S.Ippolito: Aperçu des stratégies normatives italiennes
Alexander Seger: Microsoft support to the Project on Cybercrime
Santiago Tellado Gonzales: Interpol
Cristos Velasco: The legal framework on cybercrime and law enforcement in Mexico
Pedro Verdelho: Cybercrime legislation in Portugal