Octopus Interface 2006



Octopus Interface: Conference Summary and Conclusions

 Pim Albers: Corruption, democracy and justice

 Anna Chelaru: Political finances – the experience of Romania

 Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct

 Rogier Chorus: Lobbying ethics versus corruption (PPT)

 Council of Europe: Recommendation Rec(2003)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on common rules against corruption in the funding of political parties and electoral campaigns

 Conseil de l’Europe : Recommandation Rec(2003)4 du Comité des Ministres aux Etats membres sur les règles communes contre la corruption dans le financement des partis politiques et des campagnes électorales 

 Council of Europe (Octopus Programme): Regulations on the financing of political parties and electoral campaigns in Europe – an inventory

 Council of Europe (PACO Impact): Provisions on privileges and immunities in Europe

 Guy De Vel: Opening speech

 William Dinan/David Miller: Transparency in EU decision making, holding corporations to account: Why the ETI needs mandatory lobbying disclosure

 Alan Doig: Conflicts of Interest of Elected Officials: The Experience of the United Kingdom Committee on Standards in Public Life

 Alan Doig: Conflicts of Interest of Elected Officials (PPT) 

 Mikhail Grishankov: Corruption and Democracy  (russian version)

 Anatolie Doncu : Conflicts of Interest, Corruption and Democracy in Moldova

 Londa Esadze: “Anti-Corruption” or Democracy? Lessons from Post-Communist Georgia

 Omer Faruk Genckaya: Political finance, conflict of interest and accountability in Turkey: Implications for democracy

 Piero Grasso: Fighting corruption 

 Piero Grasso: Indipendenza della Magistratura e immunità 

 Siim Kallas: Transparency against corruption and the perception of corruption

 Drago Kos: Corruption and democracy in Europe: Who does better ?

 Drago Kos: Political finance: introduction to the workshop

 Krzysztof Jasiecki: Regulating lobbying in Poland: Background, scope and expectations

 Nihal Jayawickrama: International principles to enhance judicial integrity and protection from undue political influence

 Bryane Michael: The Role of Incentive Design in Parliamentarian Anti-Corruption Programmes 

 Bryane Michael: The Role of Incentive Design PPT  

 Ana Nikolic: Conflicts of interest as a cause and consequence of corruption 

  Marija Novkovic: Transparency, Consensus and Compromise: Common Issues of Democracy and Corruption 

 OCDE: Les lignes directrices pour la gestion des conflits d’intérêt 

 OCDE: L’OCED lutte contre la corruption 

 OECD: Guidelines for managing conflict of interest

 OECD: The OECD fights corruption 

 Erling Olsen: The State of Democracy in Europe and the Risks of Corruption for the Future of Democracy 

 Quentin Reed: Regulating conflicts of interest of elected representatives 

 Björn Rohde-Liebenau: Whistleblowing Concepts for the Public Sector: Observations on an International Best Practice 

 Alexander Seger: Corruption and democracy – what are the issues? 

 Patrycja Szarek: The European Union policy against corruption as an element of the democratisation process in Central and Eastern Europe

 United Nations: Convention against Corruption

 United Nations: Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials

 United Nations: Principles on the independence of the judiciary

 United Nations: Guidelines on the role of prosecutors

 Manuel Villoria Mendieta: Conflict-of-interest policies and practices in nine EU Member States (OECD/SIGMA report)

 Alvis Vilks: Political Party Financing and Control in Latvia

 Marcin Walecki: Regulating Political Finance

 Zuzana Wienk: Ensuring transparency, ethics, oversight and efficiency: Informal rules outweigh the formal ones 


Reports and contributions prepared by participants and experts do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.