Project on Cybercrime

Workshop on Cybercrime legislation and training of judges


17-18 December 2007, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

organised by the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria

in cooperation with the Council of Europe



  To review the effectiveness of the existing legislation on cybercrime. This includes an assessment of the current legislation against the provisions of the Convention on Cybercrime which  Bulgaria ratified in 2005 and the preparation of proposals for further improvements of the legislation

To train judges in the application of current cybercrime legislation. This includes their participation in the review of the current legislation, raising awareness of cybercrime, presentations and discussions on the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of cybercrime, the gathering of electronic evidence and proposals for future training for judges 


  Representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Prosecution and Ministry of Interior (National Service Organised Crime) involved in cybercrime and legislation

Judges and criminal justice officials from Bulgaria, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Romania and Serbia


At the closure of the workshop participants adopted a set of conclusions.



Cybercrime threats (Alexander Seger)

New threats (Marco Gercke)

The Convention on Cybercrime (Alexander Seger)

Implementation of the Convention in Bulgaria (Marco Gercke)

Implementation in Romania and other countries (Cristina Schulman)

Procedural measures (Alexander Seger)

Electronic evidence in court (Fedes Insa/Carmen Lazaro, CYBEX)

International cooperation (Cristina Schulman)







CYBEX study on electronic evidence


Cybercrime Convention Committee
The Convention on Cybercrime
The Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism

Country profiles on cybercrime legislation

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