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CybercrimeThe Council of Europe helps protect societies worldwide from the threat of cybercrime through the Convention on Cybercrime and its Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism, the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) and the Project on Cybercrime.

Standards: the Convention and its Protocol

The Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe is the only binding international instrument on this issue. It serves as a guideline for any country developing comprehensive national legislation against Cybercrime and as a framework for international cooperation between State Parties to this treaty.

The Convention is supplemented by a Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism committed through computer systems.

Link to Convention (ETS 185)
The Convention in other languages
Link to Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism (ETS 189)
The Protocol in other languages

The Convention Committee (T-CY)

The Convention on Cybercrime foresees regular consultations of the Parties who meet at least once per year as the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY).

T-CY Committee page

The Project on Cybercrime

The Council of Europe helps countries to ratify, accede and implement these treaties through the Project on Cybercrime.


Project Summary and Workplan 2008-2009

Second Project progress report (December 2007)
Third Project progress report (August 2008)

See also:


Guidelines for law enforcement - service provider cooperation (adopted on 2 April 2008)
Background study


Workshop on cybercrime for judges, prosecutors and investigators in Sri Lanka

[30 October 2008] This workshop was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 27 and 28 October as a joint event of the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka and the Council of Europe. It was addressed by the Minister of Science and Technology, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Justice and other high-level representatives. Discussions showed that the new law on cybercrime that entered into force in July 2008 meets the minimum requirements of the Convention on Cybercrime and that Sri Lanka should consider accession to this treaty.


Cybercrime workshop in Turkey

[30 October 2008] This workshop was aimed at raising awareness on cybercrime matters in Turkey, at the training of judges and at promoting the implementation of the Convention on Cybercrime. Organised by the Turkish authorities with the support of Microsoft and the participation of the Council of Europe, it was an example of public-private partnership and multi-stakeholder involvement. It took place in Bolu, Turkey, on 23 and 24 October 2008.


Fostering Security, Privacy and  Openness on the Internet

[20 October 2008] In preparation of the 2008 Internet Governance Forum (IGF, Hyderabad, India, 3-6 December 2008), and at the request of several stakeholders (states, industry, civil society), the Council of Europe has agreed to host a European-wide, open-ended, multi-stakeholder dialogue and exchange on the main thematic discussions and workshop proposals for the IGF, in particular on fostering security, privacy and openness on the Internet. This exchange takes place on 20 and 21 October in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe.

see www.eurodig.org 
link to the flyer

Workshop on cybercrime legislation in Latin America

[5 September 2008] This workshop was jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, the Organisation of American States, the United States Department of Justice and the Council of Europe in Bogota, Colombia, from 3 to 5 September 2008. A detailed review of the cybercrime legislation of 17 countries of Latin America against the provisions of the Convention on Cybercrime was carried out.


Programme in English and Spanish
Organisation of American States Legal Co-operation Newsletter

Azerbaijan signs the Convention on cybercrime

[30 June 2008] On 30 June 2008, Mr Ali Abbasov, Minister of Communication and Information Technology of Azerbaijan, signed the Convention on Cybercrime in the presence of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.  

Workshop on cybercrime legislation and capacity building for West African countries

[30 June 2008] A regional workshop on cybercrime will be held in Cotonou, Benin, from 9 to 11 July 2008. The Council of Europe will participate in this event that is organized by the United States Department of Justice and that, among other things, will help countries of west Africa develop legislation in line with the Convention on Cybercrime. 

Council of Europe supports Caribbean region in strengthening cybercrime legislation

[13-15 May 2008, Port of Spain] The Council of Europe contributes to a workshop on cybercrime legislation in the Caribbean region, organised by the Organisation of American States and the US Department of Justice in Trinidad and Tobago. The aim of the workshop is to support the 14 participating countries in the strengthening of their legislation in line with the Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe.

Counter-eCrime Operations Summit

[26-27 May 2008, Tokyo, Japan] Countries of the Asia Pacific region undertake important efforts to strengthen their legislation in line with the Convention on Cybercrime. In support of these efforts, the Council of Europe will contribute to the CeCOS II summit in Tokyo, Japan, on 26-27 May 2008.

The website of the Summit

Dominican Republic accession to the Cybercrime Convention

[17 April 2008, Strasbourg] A conference on the "integration of the Dominican Republic into the Convention on Cybercrime" was held on 16 April in Santo Domingo. It was organised by the National Police and INDOTEL in cooperation with Microsoft. The conference concluded that cybercrime legislation adopted by the Dominican Republic in 2007 brings national legislation in compliance with the Convention but that actual accession would offer new opportunities for international cooperation.

octopus interface 2008Conference adopts guidelines on law enforcement-service provider co-operation

[2 April 2008, Strasbourg] More than 200 cybercrime experts from all over the world participated in the Octopus Interface Conference “Cooperation against cybercrime” (link to conference page) held in Strasbourg on 1-2 April. The conference, among other things, adopted guidelines that will help foster cooperation among law enforcement authorities and internet service providers in the investigation of cybercrime. The conference was followed by the 3rd meeting of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) on 3-4 April.

Conference Programme

Estonian contribution to the Project on Cybercrime

[February 2008, Strasbourg] The Government of Estonia has pledged Euro 50,000 for activities under the 2008 workplan of the Project on Cybercrime. This will allow the Council of Europe to continue its support to the global implementation of the Convention on Cybercrime.s.

G-building Meeting on Cybercrime Convention Committee

[3-4 April 2008, Strasbourg] The third meeting of the T-CY was held in Strasbourg in the new building, the 3rd and 4th of April and followed the Octopus Interface Conference on Co-operation against Cybercrime which will take place at the same premises on 1 and 2 April 2008.

T-CY Committee
OCTOPUS Interface Conference 2008

Regional workshop on cybercrime

[17-18 December 2007, Plovdiv, Bulgaria] This workshop was aimed at reviewing cybercrime legislation and the training of judges in cybercrime matters.

Conference on cybercrime in Arab Region

[ 26-27 November 2007 -Cairo, Egypt] At the closure of a regional conference on cybercrime, held in Cairo on 26 and 27 November, the meeting adopted a declaration recommending that countries of the Arab region use the Convention on Cybercrime as a model to guide the development of national legislation on cybercrime.

Cairo Declaration: Arabic | English
The Convention in Arabic
The Protocol in Arabic

OAS Expert meeting on cybercrime

[ 19-20 November 2007-Washington, USA] The Council of Europe participated in this meeting of the Organisation of American States which generated considerable interest the Convention on Cybercrime. It is to be followed up by a joint OAS/CoE regional event on cybercrime legislation in June/July 2008.

Conference on identity fraud

[7-9 November 2007-Tomar,Portugal] The Council of Europe contributed in particular to the panel on cybercrime and identity theft. The Conference, among other things, concluded that “all EU Member States should give priority to ratifying and fully implementing the Convention on Cybercrime in order to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of identity theft”


see discussion paper on identity theft

Paper on identity theft and the Convention on Cybercrime

Review of cybercrime legislation in Indonesia

[01 November 2007-Jakarta,Indonesia] Through the Project on Cybercrime the Indonesian authorities were assisted in the review of their draft legislation related to cybercrime.

The Convention in Bahasa



OCTOPUS Interface Conference and Cybercrime Convention Committee 2009 (10-13 March 2009)



Cybercrime Project


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