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Russia: Detention of 1200 migrants "discriminatory and unlawful"
Londres, 15 octobre 2013

The arbitrary arrest and detention of more than 1200 immigrants in a sweep operation at a Moscow market yesterday in response to the murder of an ethnic Russian man is just the latest example of disproportionate and discriminatory policing in Russia, Amnesty International has said.

An Azerbaijani man, who was not identified as a result of the wave of arrests, was today named as the suspect for the murder, which sparked major riots targeting migrants over the weekend.

"The Russian police's indiscriminate detention of more than a thousand migrants in the search for one alleged killer was deeply discriminatory and obviously unlawful", said Denis Krivosheev, Amnesty International's Russia researcher. […]

GPs must speak out against plans to charge migrants
Londres, 10 octobre 2013

Charging migrants is unethical, and would cost taxpayers more than it would save, writes our volunteer doctor, Paquita de Zulueta, who works at Doctors of the World's London clinic.

"I remember trying to talk to a teenager from Afghanistan whose family were killed in front of him and who had been imprisoned, subjected to torture and probable sexual assault. He had tried on repeated occasions to throw himself from the balcony of his cousin’s house. He had received no psychiatric help and had no GP.

"I remember seeing two women in one day who were both 39 weeks pregnant, who’d had no antenatal care because they were refused GP registration. […]

Greece: Focus bill on curbing racist attacks
Grèce, 9 octobre 2013

Hate crime reform in Greece should focus on tackling racist and xenophobic violence, not criminalizing speech or ideas. Justice Minister Haralambos Athanassiou announced on October 3, 2013, that he would introduce an anti-racism bill in Parliament in the coming days.

"Scores of migrants and asylum seekers in Greece have been chased down the streets, beaten, and stabbed", said Judith Sunderland, acting deputy director of the Europe and Central Asia division at Human Rights Watch. "Preventing and prosecuting this violence, and protecting the victims, should be the Greek government’s priority". […]

« Mettez les migrants au centre du débat », déclare le Groupe mondial sur la migration à l’occasion du Dialogue de haut niveau des Nations Unies sur la migration internationale et le développement
New York, 4 octobre 2013

Le Groupe mondial sur la migration (GMG) appelle à protéger et à respecter les droits de tous les migrants afin de rendre les migrations plus sûres, plus productives et enrichissantes pour les migrants et leur famille.

« Le potentiel de développement de la migration ne peut être valorisé sans protéger les droits de tous les migrants, indépendamment de leur statut », déclare le GMG à l’occasion du Dialogue de haut niveau de l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies sur la migration internationale et le développement, qui a lieu les 3 et 4 octobre à New York.

William Lacy Swing, Directeur général de l’Organisation internationale pour les migrations et actuel président du GMG, s’exprimera à l’Assemblée générale plus tard vendredi. […]

Russia: Sochi migrant workers targeted for expulsion
Moscou, 3 octobre 2013

Russian authorities in Sochi have rounded up hundreds of migrant workers for alleged violations of migration or employment regulations. Many have been held in arbitrary and inhuman detention conditions. The detentions of migrant workers, many of whom worked on Olympic construction sites, come less than five months before Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Human rights advocates in Sochi told Human Rights Watch that since early September 2013, the authorities have raided workplaces, homes, and public places, and have detained hundreds, most of them migrant workers. Most appear to have been targeted because of their non-Slavic appearance. Police have held many of those detained in police station courtyards or overcrowded temporary holding cells. Most detainees were released after several hours, but some have been held for more than a week. In some cases they were denied access to a lawyer, and police denied they were being held in custody. Others have been expelled from the country, following perfunctory court hearings, without lawyers present. […]