Migration and Human Rights

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People on the move: "For many displaced Syrians, going back home is out of the question"
London, 22 May 2013

This is part of a special ‘People on the Move’ series, highlighting the human rights violations faced by migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in every part of the world. These profiles are being published around the launch of Amnesty International's Annual Report 2013.

Syria’s brutal conflict has forced millions of men, women and children to seek shelter in other parts of the country and abroad. More than 1.5 million have fled Syria and taken refuge abroad, mainly in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. And three times as many are displaced within Syria, some crowding in with relatives and friends, and others stranded in makeshift camps of internally displaced people (IDPs) near the border with Turkey, where conditions are dire.

Amnesty International’s Donatella Rovera has visited some IDP camps, most recently in March. […]