Photo exhibition „Poland and the Council of Europe, 1990- 2005”

14th – 17th May

Information Office of the Council of Europe

Photo exhibition „Poland and the Council of Europe, 1990- 2005” documenting the relations and cooperation between Poland and the Council of Europe since 1990. Poland was granted special guest status by the Parliamentary Assembly in 1989, and on 26 November 1991 became a full member of the Organization.

Over the past 15 years, many outstanding figures of Polish public life have visited the Council of Europe, numerous Poles have contributed to the work of the Council and the European Court of Human Rights .

On the other hand, many representatives of the Council of Europe have visited Poland during those years. The photos presented at the exhibition provide a partial record of those 15 years, bringing to memory key events and meetings, great personalities from Poland and other countries, and interesting places that witnessed modern history in the making.

Poland’s current chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe provides an excellent occasion for presenting a concise photo retrospective of the last 15 years. Also on display are historic photos of the establishment of the Council of Europe and its first days of operation. One can see the founding fathers of the Organization and originators of the idea of European integration, among them Robert Schuman, Winston Churchill and Józef Retinger.

The exhibition will be presented at Warsaw City Hall , Bankowy Square, 16th – 22nd May 2005. It is addressed to the general public.