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Landscape (European Landscape Convention)
Languages (European Centre for Modern Languages - Graz)

Language (Regional and Minority Languages – Special file)

Language policy

Language Portfolio (European Language Portfolio)

Languages (European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages)

Languages (European Day of Languages)

Law making

LDA (the network of Local Democracy Agencies)

Legal affairs

Latvia (Latvia and the Council of Europe)

Library of the European Court of Human Rights

Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein and the Council of Europe)

Lisbon Network

Lithuania (Lithuania and the Council of Europe)

Local and regional authorities (European Network of Training Organisations for local and regional authorities)

Local Government (Conferences of European Ministers Responsible for Local Government)

Local and regional authorities

Local and regional democracy

Local democracy and transfrontier co-operation in South-Eastern Europe

Logo (Council of Europe logo)

Lumière (Database on admissions of films released in Europe)

Luxembourg (Luxembourg and the Council of Europe)