Ministerial Conference

8th conference of Ministers responsible for migration affairs
4-5 September 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine

''Economic migration, social cohesion and development: towards an integrated approach'' was the theme of the 8th Ministerial Conference. This theme reflected the diversity of interest of Council of Europe member states and highlights the need to develop an integrated policy approach in addressing current and emerging migration issues. Furthermore, it pursues one of the objectives set by the 7th conference (Helsinki, September 2002), namely to strengthen the dialogue and partnership between member states on migration issues.

The conference provided an opportunity for ministers to debate and agree on policy solutions relevant to the conditions prevailing in their countries and stemming from the increasing flows of economic migrants, in particular, East to West and within the Eastern region of Europe.

In the context of economic migration, the conference discussed how governments in the member states have responded in order to preserve social cohesion and identify how policies in this field can be improved. The conference examined the link between economic migration and development from the perspective of both countries of origin and destination as well as the impact of emigration on development.

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