Ministerial Conference

Conference of European Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government
15-16 October 2007, Valencia

The Conference brought together Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government of the Council of Europe member States on 15-16 October in Valencia (Spain).

Under the overarching theme "Good Local and Regional Governance - the European Challenge", two main themes was debated:

- Citizens at the heart of local democracy
- European practice and recent developments in the field of regional self-government

This 15th session was also the occasion for a political exchange of views, the "colloquy", between the Ministers and the representatives of the Congress of local and regional authorities as well as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Ministers reviewed progress made under the "Budapest Agenda for a Good Local and Regional Governance (2005-2010)" adopted at the 14th session of Ministers in Budapest in 2005. This Agenda is a "road-map" for the work on local and regional democracy by member States. Within the Council of Europe, the European Committee on Local and Regional Democracy (CDLR) is responsible for the brunt of the work being carried out.

Terry Davis: ''Good local and regional governance essential to citizens' trust''

In his address to participants at the opening of the conference, Secretary General Terry Davis, declared, ''People will participate in public life and trust their institutions if they see democracy in action – first and foremost in the cities, towns, neighbourhoods and villages where they live. (…) As a representative at that level, I learned that the key to the trust and support of the people is good governance – a governance which is democratic, efficient, responsive, transparent and accountable.'' (Photo : EFE)

Halvdan Skard: ''Territorial authorities will be key actors in implementing the European Strategy for Innovation and Good Local Governance''

At the opening of the European Conference of Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government, in Valencia on 15 October, Congress President Halvdan Skard stressed that ''a prerequisite for good governance is close involvement of local and regional authorities, which serve as a link between national governments and territorial communities.'' (more ...) (Photo : EFE)
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A new annual pan-European event was launched in 2007: the "European Local Democracy Week"
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