IGF 2010, 14-17 September 2010, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Need for clear and transparent information of converged media

The workshop, organised by OECD, EBU and the European Audiovisual Observatory at the IGF in Vilnius, aimed to raise the awareness of the problems in measuring the impact of the Internet on the audiovisual industry following the development of broadband, which has allowed the rapid development of web TV, VoD, catch-up TV, video sharing and non authorized file sharing.
The need for clear and transparent information of the converged market by market operators, public authorities and citizens was one of the issues discussed at this workshop.
Different ways to measure media were compared. Participants pointed out that the Internet is currently the least transparent of all media and that the tools to measure it (number of visits, reach, time spent in the navigation; based on panel of users, analysing their behaviours) are still in their first years of existence. They also expressed concern about the high concentration in the Internet market.


Workshop proposal