IGF 2010, 14-17 September 2010, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Code of good practice in Internet governance to be further tested by several organisations

[16.09.2010] The Code of good practice on information, participation and transparency in Internet governance jointly developed by the Council of Europe, the Association for Progressive Communications and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe will be tested in the near future by NRO (Number Resource Organization), which represents the five regional Internet registries, and by APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry that allocates IP and AS numbers in the Asia Pacific region.

Participants in a workshop organised at the Internet Governance Forum welcomed the code in its current form. Using the development of the South African broadband policy last year as an example, participants shared ideas about how the application of the Code could positively impact on such consultation and policy-making processes.

In the debate, representatives of IG entities, in particular APNIC and NRO, suggested that this tool should better be referred to as “reference model” so as to avoid any possible misunderstanding in the sense of this tool being imposed on or legally binding for those entities that consider applying it in their work.