The Session in the Palais de l'Europe

The Congress Session will be held in the Palais de l'Europe, Avenue de l'Europe - 67000 Strasbourg

Badges and access to the Building

The Session participants will need to report to the Palais de l'Europe with an ID card. The team responsible for welcoming participants will give you your badge, or, if you already have one, extend its validity so that you have access to the Palais de l'Europe and the hemicycle. A digital photograph will be taken to be used on the badge.

A member of Protocol will then inform you of the formalities to be completed and direct you to the hemicycle lobby where you will find all the session documents.


Several restaurants and bars are opened during the session :

  • Parliamentarians Bar: 1st floor
  • Restaurant Bleu : ground floor
  • Palais building: cafeteria and self-service: ground floor

Different services are available at the Palais de l'Europe, notably wifi connection, bank, library, bookshop, medical center etc.

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