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[29/10/2013] San Marino ratifies the Charter of Local Self-Government: uniting the European local democracy family
[30/10/2013] Responses to the economic crisis must be coherent at all tiers of governance
[31/10/2013] Local and regional democracy in Hungary
[31/10/2013] Local and regional democracy in Denmark
[31/10/2013] Liviu Nicolae Dragnea addresses Congress Session
[31/10/2013] Local and regional democracy in Ukraine
[31/10/2013] Local and Regional democracy in Albania
[31/10/2013] Declaration of the Bureau of the Congress on the Lampedusa tragedy
[31/10/2013] Dosta!-Congress Prize Awarded to 3 Cities and Regions
[31/10/2013] Congress adopts report on Yerevan elections and recommends strengthening of voting rights at local level
[31/10/2013] “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”: Congress adopts report on municipal elections and calls for a pluralistic media landscape
[30/10/2013] Transfrontier co-operation: new arrangements for greater effectiveness
[30/10/2013] Monitoring of local democracy and election observation: procedures now clearer
[30/10/2013] Giving regions special status helps to ease tensions
[30/10/2013] The effects of the economic crisis on regionalisation and decentralisation in Europe
[30/10/2013] Congress of the Council of Europe advocates support for migrant integration through entrepreneurship and access to employment
[30/10/2013] Local democracy in Ireland
[30/10/2013] Nataliya Romanova: “Our work must focus on the impact of the crises on the regionalization process”
[30/10/2013] Economic crisis : joint declaration of the Presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly and Congress for a reinforced co-operation between all levels of government
[12/11/2013] Political extremism at the local and regional level: the Mayor of Athens answers hatred with solidarity
[30/10/2013] Jean-Claude FRECON : “100 % of the Charter across 100 % of the European territory: deepening the application of the Charter”
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