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[18/10/2012] Congress determined to continue supporting second-tier local authorities
[18/10/2012] Congress calls for action plan to improve grassroots democracy in Azerbaijan
[13/10/2012] Elections for new leadership and political priorities in the coming years at the centre of Congress Session
[18/10/2012] Macro-regional co-operation as a way to find pragmatic solutions for common problems
[18/10/2012] Alphonse Goueth: ''The challenge facing French society today is that of integration''
[18/10/2012] New survey on consultation practices of local authorities presented at 23rd Congress Session
[18/10/2012] Grassroots democracy in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” evolves along Congress’s lines
[17/10/2012] The Congress is mobilising Europe’s regions to combat sexual violence against children
[17/10/2012] ''Serbia’s elections mostly well-organised but improvements in equipment still needed'' says Congress Rapporteur Nigel Mermagen
[17/10/2012] Ferdinand Poni: ''In Albania, we have struck a perfect balance between our priorities and European priorities''
[17/10/2012] Towards 'partner for local democracy' status for southern Mediterranean countries
[18/10/2012] Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni: ''The European democratic model cannot function without a strong dimension of local and regional democracy''
[16/10/2012] Elections of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Congress Committees
[17/10/2012] Commissioner for Human Rights insists on the pro-active role of local authorities
[16/10/2012] Keith Whitmore: ''Involving more and more members in the activities of the Congress, we became more inclusive''
[16/10/2012] New Bureau of the Socialist Group
[15/10/2012] New members meet on the eve of the 23rd Congress Session

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