New Congress leadership elected [18/10/2012]
The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe has a renewed leadership voted in at its 23rd Session. The term of office for leadership positions is 2 years. The mandate for the 636 Congress members - representatives of local and regional authorities - is for 4 years. 
Congress priorities 2013 – 2016: High-quality grassroots democracy, new partnerships and the fight against corruption in Europe’s municipalities [17/10/2012]
The Congress adopted, on 16 October 2012, its priorities for the period 2013-2016 based on three major objectives: Raising the quality of local and regional democracy and human rights in Europe; Rising to the new challenges resulting from the economic and financial crisis; Developing co-operation and partnerships. ''These three lines of action will have the common objective of strengthening the capacity of towns, cities and regions, promoting good governance and ethical conduct and combating discrimination and intolerance, and they will help to increase citizens' participation in the democratic process'', explained Lars Molin (Sweden, EPP/CD) co-rapporteur of the Congress. Also addressing the members of the Congress, Karl-Heinz Lambertz (Belgium, SOC), co-rapporteur, emphasised the need to support local and regional authorities in their fight against the effects of the economic and financial crisis. Over the next four years, the Congress will continue its main activity of monitoring local and regional democracy in the light of the European Charter of Local Self-Government and the Reference Framework for Regional Democracy, as well as through observation of local elections.  
Herwig Van Staa elected new Congress President [16/10/2012]
''Today, national governments increasingly recognise local and regional authorities as major stakeholders and actors in responding to the challenges faced by our societies in almost all political, economic and social areas,'' stated Herwig Van Staa, newly elected Congress President (Austria, EPP/CD), addressing the participants in the 23rd Session. He underlined the role of the new Congress which now has a four-year mandate and which will adopt this afternoon its new priorities for 2013-2016 defined around three themes: the quality of local and regional democracy and human rights in Europe, the new challenges resulting from the economic and financial crisis, and the partnership within and outside the Council of Europe. ''I see my role as President as leading the Congress in the implementation of these priorities, for the increased benefit of our citizens, of democratic governance, and of national and European policy-making'', he concluded.  
[19/10/2012]  Youth and democracy: concrete measures to get young people involved in politics
[18/10/2012]  Congress determined to continue supporting second-tier local authorities
[18/10/2012]  Congress calls for action plan to improve grassroots democracy in Azerbaijan
[13/10/2012]  Elections for new leadership and political priorities in the coming years at the centre of Congress Session
[18/10/2012]  Macro-regional co-operation as a way to find pragmatic solutions for common problems
[18/10/2012]  Alphonse Goueth: ''The challenge facing French society today is that of integration''
[18/10/2012]  New survey on consultation practices of local authorities presented at 23rd Congress Session
[18/10/2012]  Grassroots democracy in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” evolves along Congress’s lines
[17/10/2012]  The Congress is mobilising Europe’s regions to combat sexual violence against children
[17/10/2012]  ''Serbia’s elections mostly well-organised but improvements in equipment still needed'' says Congress Rapporteur Nigel Mermagen
[17/10/2012]  Ferdinand Poni: ''In Albania, we have struck a perfect balance between our priorities and European priorities''
[17/10/2012]  Towards 'partner for local democracy' status for southern Mediterranean countries
[18/10/2012]  Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni: ''The European democratic model cannot function without a strong dimension of local and regional democracy''
[16/10/2012]  Elections of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Congress Committees
[17/10/2012]  Commissioner for Human Rights insists on the pro-active role of local authorities
[16/10/2012]  Keith Whitmore: ''Involving more and more members in the activities of the Congress, we became more inclusive''
[16/10/2012]  New Bureau of the Socialist Group

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