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[23/03/2012] Monitoring of grassroots democracy in the Republic of Moldova
[23/03/2012] Monitoring of grassroots democracy in Portugal
[23/03/2012] Monitoring of grassroots democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
[22/03/2012] Mayor of Stuttgart: “Bureaucratic centralism will not be able to solve the financial crises in Europe”
[22/03/2012] Monitoring of grassroots democracy in Germany
[22/03/2012] Intercultural cities: ''Showing all citizens the advantages of diversity''
[22/03/2012] Round table on recent developments in regionalisation: Progress and limits of regional democracy in Europe
[22/03/2012] Monitoring of grassroots democracy in Lithuania
[22/03/2012] John Warmisham: ''I encourage cities and regions to join the Alliance and make this project a success''
[26/03/2012] Regional audit offices: a vital tool for the prevention of corruption
[22/03/2012] Congress Rapporteurs on Georgia denounce elections in South Ossetia's Tskhinvali region
[21/03/2012] Auditing as a tool to ensure value for money at regional level
[21/03/2012] Intermediate Levels of Government should be preserved also in times of crisis
[20/03/2012] UK Chairmanship of the Council of Europe at the centre of Congress debates and events
[16/03/2012] Congress Session: Europe’s communities in times of crisis, efficiency of regional governance and intercultural cities on top of the agenda
[20/03/2012] President Whitmore opened the 22nd Session of the Congress
[20/03/2012] Thorbjørn Jagland: ''Co-operation between different layers of government are key for today’s financial challenges''
[19/03/2012] Congress Bureau exchanges views with Chair of Committee of Ministers’ Group of Rapporteurs on Democracy
[20/03/2012] “There is a need to reinforce public confidence in electoral processes in Bulgaria”
[20/03/2012] “12 Star Cities 2011” Ceremony to take place on March 21st at Strasbourg City Hall
[16/03/2012] 22nd Congress Session: multimedia resources
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