Monitoring of grassroots democracy in the Republic of Moldova [23/03/2012]
The national decentralisation strategy developed by the government of the Republic of Moldova is a sign of this country’s commitment to conducting a thorough reform of local public administration, said the Congress on 22 March 2012 in adopting a recommendation on local and regional democracy in the Republic of Moldova. The report, presented by Francis Lec (SOC, France), was produced following two monitoring visits in September and November 2011. While calling, in its recommendation, on the Moldovan authorities to ensure that local authorities were allocated resources commensurate with their responsibilities and to adopt a new law on the status of the capital, Chiºinãu, the Congress believed that the efforts of the Republic of Moldova should be encouraged, so that the good intentions expressed by the authorities would be translated into action in the future. 
Monitoring of grassroots democracy in Portugal [23/03/2012]
Local authorities in Portugal have been seriously affected by the economic crisis and have seen their powers and resources reduced by central government since 2008 on the grounds of financial imperatives: this situation is calling into question several aspects of local self-government, which has suffered significant setbacks in recent years, according to the Congress in a monitoring report on local and regional democracy in Portugal presented by Jos Wienen (Netherlands, EPP) and Devrim Cukur (Turkey, SOC), and a recommendation adopted on 22 March 2012. The recommendation calls on the Portuguese authorities to give local authorities more autonomy with respect to local taxes and to ensure effective participation by municipalities in the legislative process to reform the 2007 Local Finance Act. 
Monitoring of grassroots democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina [23/03/2012]
On 22 March 2012, at its 22nd Session, the Congress debated the situation of local and regional democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country is currently conducting constitutional reform which will bring it into line with the European Charter of Local Self-Government, and many sectors, such as education, transport and roads are now being managed in a much less centralised way. The recommendation adopted at the end of the debate calls on the entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to draw up reform plans on devolution and implement in practice the principles set out in the European Charter of Local Self-Government. The Congress stresses notably the need to continue the current discussions on revising the constitution of the Republika Srpska in order to grant special status to the city of Banja Luka in the Republika Srpska and assign it appropriate powers and resources. 
[22/03/2012]  Mayor of Stuttgart: “Bureaucratic centralism will not be able to solve the financial crises in Europe”
[22/03/2012]  Monitoring of grassroots democracy in Germany
[22/03/2012]  Intercultural cities: ''Showing all citizens the advantages of diversity''
[22/03/2012]  Round table on recent developments in regionalisation: Progress and limits of regional democracy in Europe
[22/03/2012]  Monitoring of grassroots democracy in Lithuania
[22/03/2012]  John Warmisham: ''I encourage cities and regions to join the Alliance and make this project a success''
[26/03/2012]  Regional audit offices: a vital tool for the prevention of corruption
[22/03/2012]  Congress Rapporteurs on Georgia denounce elections in South Ossetia's Tskhinvali region
[21/03/2012]  Auditing as a tool to ensure value for money at regional level
[21/03/2012]  Intermediate Levels of Government should be preserved also in times of crisis
[20/03/2012]  UK Chairmanship of the Council of Europe at the centre of Congress debates and events
[16/03/2012]  Congress Session: Europe’s communities in times of crisis, efficiency of regional governance and intercultural cities on top of the agenda
[20/03/2012]  President Whitmore opened the 22nd Session of the Congress
[20/03/2012]  Thorbjørn Jagland: ''Co-operation between different layers of government are key for today’s financial challenges''
[19/03/2012]  Congress Bureau exchanges views with Chair of Committee of Ministers’ Group of Rapporteurs on Democracy
[20/03/2012]  “There is a need to reinforce public confidence in electoral processes in Bulgaria”
[20/03/2012]  “12 Star Cities 2011” Ceremony to take place on March 21st at Strasbourg City Hall

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