The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe held its 17th Plenary Session in Strasbourg from 13 to 15 October 2009. In preparation for the UN Conference in Copenhagen in December, the Congress held a debate on the important contribution of local and regional policy makers to the global challenge of climate change (more...)

The Congress celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Council of Europe

The key points of the week

Other debates
Ian Micallef: ''The Congress stands strong to pursue its mission''

E-democracy as a chance to increase citizens participation in local politics

Congress takes stock of transfrontier co-operation in Europe

Sandra Barnes: ''The fight against domestic violence must be a priority at every level''

Antonio Ledezma: ''The strength of local governments lies in their efficiency and the transparency of their management''

Yasuo Nozaka: Reinforcing Japanese local authorities’ resources is a major challenge

Local and regional strategies for preventing violence against children

Günther Krug: ''Ignoring the people’s will cannot pave the way to a stable democracy''

Roland Ries: ''The Congress is the only platform truly representative of all local and regional authorities''

Bernd Petrisch: ''Regional autonomy is key to grassroots policies''

Veroljub Stevanovic: “We work hard every day to build and foster European values”

Patrizia Muratore : ''A regional legislation is needed to prevent over-indebtedness''