Plenary Session of the Congress
3 to 5 March 2009 - Strasbourg, France

During the 16th plenary Session of the Congress several debates were held in plenary sittings, in particular on the Euro-mediterranean co-operation and the role of local and regional authorities, public water and sewer services, combating domestic violence, the situation of local and regional democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the international financial crisis and its consequences for European territorial authorities. Among others, the Chamber of Local Authorities organised a round-table on intercultural cities, and the Chamber of Regions discussed the digital divide and e-inclusion in the regions, and the activities of the Black Sea Euroregion. (more...)

Congress President a.i. Local democracy in Malta
Ian Micallef: ''The Congress can do more and better if endowed with sufficient resources'' (more ...)
Opening speech of the Session
Closing speech of the Session
Chris Said: “The Congress acquis has greatly guided the Maltese system of local government”
(more ...)

Belarus Azerbaijan
Congress President a.i. welcomes agreed steps for future cooperation with Belarus (more...) ''You are the ambassadors of local democracy'', said Ian Micallef to members of Azerbaijan Congress delegation (more...)

Financial crisis Congress resources
Debate on the consequences of the international financial crisis for European territorial authorities (more...) Jean-Claude Frécon: ''Our fundamental values cannot be sacrificed on financial grounds'' (more ...)


Cross-border co-operation Black Sea Euroregion
Ludmila Sfirloaga: ''Cross-border co-operation requires genuine political will'' (more ...) Black Sea Euro-region: the practical result of a shared desire to create an institutional basis for co-operation (more...)

Intercultural cities Euro-Mediterranean co-operation
The aspects fostering interculturalism at the heart of Congress debate (more ...) Congress expertise is key to enhance Euro-Mediterranean dialogue, says Luc Van den Brande (more...)

Dosta! Congress Prize Domestic violence
Four cities awarded the 2008 Dosta!-Congress Prize for Municipalities (more...) Sandra Barnes : ''We must be at the vanguard in the fight against domestic violence'' (more...)

Local Democracy Week Water management
European Local Democracy Week is a practical way of increasing citizens' participation, says Keith Whitmore (more ...) Water management and local authorities: Congress contribution to the World Water Forum (more...)

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