Congress  elects three Presidents
15th Plenary Session (27-29 May 2008) Strasbourg, France

At the opening of its 15 th plenary session today, the Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authorities unanimously elected Yavuz Mildon (Turkey, EPP-CD) as its President for a two-year term.

“The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities is a unique pan-European structure, it is a true watchdog of local democracy on our continent and a political partner in the dialogue with the governments,” said Yavuz Mildon in his acceptance speech.

“With our renewed membership, we are better equipped to address our ambitious goals on developing transfrontier and interterritorial co-operation, contributing to solving political problems and responding to major social challenges, and strengthening the role of the Congress in the European process,” he said.

Today's Congress plenary session also re-elected Ulrich Bohner as its Secretary General.

Ludmila Sfrirloaga (Romania, SOC) was elected President of the Chamber of Regions and Ian Micallef (Malta, EPP/CD) was re-elected President of the Chamber of Local Authorities, a post he has held since 2006.
The chambers also elected their Vice-Presidents. President and Vice-Presidents constitute the Bureau of the Chambers.
Biography of Yavuz Mildon
Biography of Ian Micallef
Biography of Ludmila Sfirloaga

Bureau of the Chamber of Local Authorities:
Ian Micallef (Malta, EPP/CD) President

Dubravca Suica (Croatia, EPP-CD)
Ander Knape (Sweden, EPP-CD)
Hilde Zach (Austria, EPP-CD) 
Jean-Claude Frécon (France, SOC)
Fabio Pellegrini (Italy, SOC)
Emin Yeritsyan (Armenia, EPP-CD)
Onno van Veldhuizen (Netherlands, ILDG)

Bureau of the Chamber of Regions:

Ludmila Sfirloaga (Romania, SOC) President

Knud Andersen (Denmark, ILDG)
Istvan Borbely (Hungary, EPP/CD)
Gunter Krug (Germany, SOC)
Ioannis Michas (Greece, SOC)
Svetlana Orlova (Russia, EPP/CD)
Suvi Rihtniemi (Finland, EPP/CD)
Nataliya Romanova (Ukraine, SOC)

Yavuz Mildon: The Congress will multiply its monitoring reports in all member states

Elected President of the Congress on 27 May 2008 after having been Vice-President for 8 years then President of the Chamber of Regions, Yavuz Mildon sees his election as an opportunity to commit himself still further to the advancement of local and regional democracy in Europe. He straightway proposes a number of new activities to realise this goal.
Press conference video