Spring Session of the Congress
13-14 March 2008 - Malaga, Spain

Local and regional policies on adaptation to climate change, sustainable consumption, urban biodiversity policies, and services of general interest in rural areas were the main items on the agenda of the Congress' Spring Session in Malaga, Spain, on 13 and 14 March 2008. The session included debates on the situation of local and regional democracy in Spain and in Turkey , inter-regional co-operation in the Black Sea basin, European Urban Charter II, the development of City Diplomacy, and reports on the observation of elections in Kosovo (Serbia) and the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). (more...)

Debates on sustainable development (more...)

Debate on city diplomacy (more...)

Debate on the new Urban Charter (more...)

Debate on local and regional democracy in Spain (more...)

Other debates
Zekeriya Sarbak: ''A new Turkish Constitution will give more power to local self-government'' (more...)
Recommendation 229 (2007) on local democracy in Turkey
Local democracy in Turkey situation in Sur/Diyarbakir (South-East Anatolia, Tutkey) - Report of the Congress fact-finding mission (8 - 10 August 2007)
Yavuz Mildon: ''The Congress Prize for regions will reward initiatives for regional democracy'' (more...) Vladimir Čečot: ''Citizens participation is one of the priorities of the Slovak Chairmanship'' (more...)
Halvdan Skard: ''The city of Malaga embodies our efforts to build viable and prosperous local authorities'' (more ...)
Francisco de la Torre Prados: ''Municipalities are the first guarantors of citizensí rights'' (more...)
Olexiy Ishchenko: ''Cooperation in the Black Sea basin is the southern vector of the European integration of Ukraine'' (more...) Sport is the answer to the challenge of closer integration (more...)
Draft recommentation
Draft resolution
Explanatory report



Congress President calls on Israeli authorities to stop expropriation of land of Palestinian communities (more...)


Sustainable development
City diplomacy
The new Urban Charter
Local and regional democracy in Spain
Other debates

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Summary of the reports

practical information

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Brochure of the city of Malaga (pdf)
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