Plenary Session of the Congress
30 May to 1st June 2007 - Strasbourg, France

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe held its 14th plenary session from 30 May to 1 June 2007 in Strasbourg (France). Co-operation on local democracy beyond Europe's borders, in particular with Morocco, Japan and Mexico, was one of the items on the agenda. Delegations from these three countries addressed the Chamber of Local Authorities and the Chamber of Regions of the Congress. (more...)

The session in brief...
Halvdan Skard: ''Our Congress has consolidated itself as one of the main pillars within the Council of Europe'' (more...)
Congress celebrates 50 years of local democracy in Europe with a round table (more...)
Congress President calls for support to the campaign against domestic violence (more...)
Improving the situation of local democracy in 'the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia' (more...)

Round table on "50 years of local democracy in Europe"
A round table on “50 years of local democracy in the Council of Europe” took place on 30 May 2007 to mark the anniversary of the first session of the Conference of Local Authorities, held on 12 January 1957 under the Chairmanship of the late French Prime Minister and National Assembly Speaker Jacques Chaban-Delmas. (more...)

Debate on  regional democracy
A debate on regional democracy in Europe took place on Thursday 31 May 2007 at 10 am (Room 1 - Palais de l'Europe). The Chamber of  Regions since 2006, has been working on a text, entitled "European Charter of Regional Democracy", which, after finalisation and adoption by the Congress in May 2008, could be submitted to the European Ministers responsible for local and regional government.(more...)



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