The MediaBox is a new communication tool available to journalists, Congress members and key speakers. It is a mobile multimedia resource studio, allowing for live radio interviews and video interviews. Through the MediaBox radio interviews can be organised remotely. Video interviews can also be recorded. The editing and encoding will be done by our services prior to internet broadcasting.

The MediaBox is available during Congress Plenary Sessions and events at the Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg (France). It is set up right next to meeting venues: the Assembly Chamber or a meeting room, making on-the-spot interviews and recordings possible, without logistical constraints.

Journalists may use all these facilities free of cost. Members of the Congress may offer use of the MediaBox to their personal press contacts in their home countries.

Recordings made using the MediaBox are also broadcast on the Congress website and through the Council of Europe's YouTube account.


Live on the MediaBox platform from Radio Free Europe with John Warmisham, Congress Rapporteur on Roma - 17.06.2011

Main technical features:

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