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[13/10/2017] 33rd Session of the Congress : unaccompanied refugee minors, local and regional democracy, situation in Catalonia and fight against corruption amongst the highlights
[07/07/2017] Forum for Local Democracy in Ukraine: mayors, councillors and young local leaders commit to strengthen good local governance
[04/07/2017] “Strengthening the capacities of mayors, councillors and young leaders is essential to build a genuine local democracy in Ukraine”, says Congress President
[26/06/2017] Forum for Local Democracy in Ukraine: The Council of Europe Congress gathers together mayors, municipal councillors and young leaders in Snovjanka
[28/04/2017] Youth participation in local affairs: a key feature of democracy in Ukraine
[07/04/2017] Young leaders from Eastern Ukraine engaged for change at local level
[03/04/2017] Youth participation central to the debate on the quality of democratic participation at regional level
[31/03/2017] Promoting young people’s transition to autonomy and working life through local and regional policies
[31/03/2017] Debate in the Chamber of Local Authorities: “The reception of unaccompanied minor child migrants in European cities”
[24/03/2017] Participation of youth delegates in the 32nd Congress session
[08/03/2017] Congress Current Affairs Committee meets in Venice
[27/02/2017] The 1999 Code of conduct under revision
[05/12/2016] Liisa Ansala: “The project on citizen participation in Armenia broke the ground for future work on participatory democracy”
[01/12/2016] Eunice Campbell-Clark: “We must bring down barriers to youth participation”
[01/12/2016] Post-monitoring dialogue, cooperation programmes, fight against radicalisation and promotion of intercultural dialogue among the main Congress activities in 2016
[01/12/2016] Young leaders in Ukraine promote local democracy
[10/11/2016] World Forum for Democracy: parliaments urged to throw their doors open to young people
[04/11/2016] Artik, Urtsadzor, Vardenik and Akhtala: peer-to-peer exchanges to strengthen citizen participation at local level in Armenia
[16/11/2016] Ukrainian young local leaders inspired by German Mayors to build enhanced local governance
[07/11/2016] Congress President meets with young Ukrainian local leaders
[27/10/2016] Call for Tenders: Provision of facilitating, coaching and training services on local democracy in Ukraine
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