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[12/10/2017] Herwig van Staa: “We have greater impact in preventing corruption when we work together”
[04/10/2017] Call for interest for the completion of a study on gender equality in local political life in Ukraine
[29/09/2017] Moldovan mayors: peer review for sustainable approaches to local democracy
[06/10/2017] Congress Bureau meeting: Exchange of views with the Chair of the Committee of Ministers rapporteur group on democracy
[13/09/2017] Meeting of the Congress Bureau in Paris
[24/08/2017] Call for interest for national experts from the Republic of Moldova to develop a handbook on transparency and citizen participation
[07/07/2017] Forum for Local Democracy in Ukraine: mayors, councillors and young local leaders commit to strengthen good local governance
[04/07/2017] Ukraine: Council of Europe to support transparency and citizen participation initiatives in five communities
[04/07/2017] Ukrainian mayors and councillors discuss good governance in metropolitan areas
[04/07/2017] “Strengthening the capacities of mayors, councillors and young leaders is essential to build a genuine local democracy in Ukraine”, says Congress President
[03/07/2017] Congress Secretary General participated in a round table on decentralisation in Ukraine
[30/06/2017] Gudrun Mosler-Törnström : « National associations are a driving force for good governance, decentralisation processes and democracy »
[30/06/2017] National associations of local authorities in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine strengthen their co-operation
[26/06/2017] Forum for Local Democracy in Ukraine: The Council of Europe Congress gathers together mayors, municipal councillors and young leaders in Snovjanka
[27/06/2017] Meeting of the Congress Monitoring Committee in Kharkiv
[19/06/2017] Local councillors play a key role within the decentralisation process in Ukraine
[14/06/2017] The Congress supports the local political dimension of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine
[13/06/2017] Meeting of the Congress Bureau in Brno
[13/06/2017] Andreas Kiefer: “Productive co-operation with national associations of local and regional authorities is a Congress priority”
[24/05/2017] Post-electoral dialogue with Bosnia and Herzegovina: Congress’ high-level mission to Sarajevo and Mostar
[18/05/2017] Marc Cools: “Local good governance and active citizenship are the best guarantors for change in Ukraine”
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