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[22/03/2013] Gilbert Saboya Sunyé: “It is the responsibility of all the 800 million inhabitants of the European states to promote human rights”
[22/03/2013] Fight against corruption: pointers for action at local and regional levels
[21/03/2013] Europe, regions and the crisis: citizens are expecting not only economic, but also political responses
[21/03/2013] The development of a legal framework for local self-government remains a priority for Russia
[21/03/2013] “High time to translate national strategies into local action”: European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion was launched in Strasbourg
[21/03/2013] The future of local democracy depends on the development of e-forms of government
[20/03/2013] Amy Koopmanschap : ''Local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina were well-prepared''
[20/03/2013] Observation of the by-elections in Armenia: ''It seems essential for the Armenian authorities to create the conditions for genuine political pluralism''
[27/03/2013] “Fostering Active citizenship”: the debate highlights the risks of declining citizen participation
[02/04/2013] “Post-monitoring” and “post-observation” dialogue needed to ensure the implementation of Congress’ recommendations
[25/03/2013] ON AIR special edition: 24th Session of the Congress
[28/03/2013] Social exclusion: A problem with many faces
[25/03/2013] Jean-Claude Frécon: “We should use the potential of new technologies to improve our democracy”
[20/03/2013] Monitoring of local and regional democracy in Spain
[20/03/2013] Monitoring of local and regional democracy in Italy
[20/03/2013] Local and regional democracy in Georgia
[14/03/2013] Congress' spring session tackles the crisis in Europe and challenges it poses to local and regional democracy
[19/03/2013] Herwig van Staa: ''The Congress needs to translate its proposals into specific activities on the ground''
[13/03/2013] Council of Europe Congress launches the European Alliance of Cities and Regions for Roma Inclusion
[26/03/2013] Thorbjørn Jagland stresses the importance of fighting corruption at grassroots level
[19/03/2013] Congress to observe local elections in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”
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