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[21/10/2011] President of the Congress calls for greater cooperation between volunteering sector and local and regional authorities
[21/10/2011] Congress Bureau gravely concerned about massive detention of local elected representatives in Turkey
[21/10/2011] The Congress adopts a recommendation on local and regional democracy in Latvia
[19/10/2011] Local democracy is a cornerstone of democratic life in Finland
[20/10/2011] Inclusion of the Roma community: the Congress requests more competences for local and regional authorities
[21/10/2011] Armen Gevorgyan says Council of Europe support is helping democracy to progress in Armenia
[21/10/2011] Anatoly Blyzniuk: “The strengthening of local democracy is a priority for the Ukrainian Chairmanship”
[20/10/2011] Observation of local elections in Moldova: progress noticed, but there is room for improvement
[20/10/2011] Local politicians and authorities “in the frontline” says the Secretary General of the Council of Europe
[20/10/2011] The Congress deplores the lack of political dialogue necessary for a constructive and fair electoral competition in Albania
[19/10/2011] Serbia: broad consensus on the need to reform local self-government
[20/10/2011] Congress undertakes to strengthen the impact of the European Charter of Local Self-Government
[19/10/2011] Congress warns of impending energy crisis and calls for a more localised energy paradigm
[19/10/2011] Congress debate on urban violence points to deficits in integrating young people in political decision-making
[19/10/2011] Council of Europe ONE in FIVE campaign: Congress debate on local initiatives to stop sexual violence against children
[20/10/2011] Congress President Keith Whitmore expresses condolences to the families of the victims of violent PKK attack
[19/10/2011] Congress adopts a recommendation on local and regional democracy in Slovenia
[18/10/2011] More emphasis on citizen participation at grassroots level through Congress monitoring and exchange of good practice
[18/10/2011] 30 years after the Madrid Convention: Congress to set new priorities for transfrontier co-operation in Europe
[18/10/2011] President of the Parliamentary Assembly calls for stronger co-operation with the Congress
[18/10/2011] The Congress debates the case of Leyla Güven
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